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Talia Castellano

Youtuber Talia Castellano Has Passed Away

13 year old Talia Castellano passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. Inspiring teen became famous after making a series of make up tutorials she posted regularly on YouTube. Talia Castellano was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2007, and valiantly fought the disease through two aggressive relapses. While undergoing treatment, Talia used YouTube as a pillar


Allison Nicole Torres: Instagram Hottie of the Day

Today, we introduce you, the Nation, to one of your very own: Ms. Allison Nicole Torres! Ms. Torres is a 20-year-old model/actress currently living in Los Angeles. Allison is currently starring in a new comedy series, All About Lizzie. Down below, you can check out some amazing pics from this beautiful girl and be sure


SourceFed Comic #7: Clean Shave

Clean Shave Written, Illustrated, and Blogged by Curtis Jackson Zach Galifianakas went and did something completely unexpected and shaved his iconic beard for his walk down the red carpet at the Hangover 3 premiere. This sparked a discussion at the office about history’s greatest beards which then led around to Steve’s beard. Steve’s beard is

student loan

Student Loan Rates Will Double?!

Starting July 1st, the government subsidized students loan rates will mostly likely double to 6.8%. Congress and the White House can’t seem to see eye to eye regarding government subsidized student loans. They agree the interest rate jump should be prevented, but the how is still up in the air. The Republican-controlled house passed a


SourceFed Comic #6: Memorial Day Mourning

Memorial Day Mourning Written by Ross Everet | Illustrated by Curtis Jackson | Blogged by Sara Parra The true meaning of Memorial Day is lost on people nowadays. It’s all about the bbq’s, the food, the parties, the beer and the summer fun. We forget that it’s kind of a dark day, a day to


SourceFed Comic #5: Lunch Mistakes

Lunch Mistakes Written by Ross Everet | Illustrated and Blogged by Curtis Jackson Even the best and brightest of us as a species have the occasional lapse in our brain. For your self-shaming purposes we have created the .jpeg embodiment of this very situation. Personally, for me, this happens all the time at the movie


SourceFed Comic #4: Too Beautiful to Be Guilty

Too Beautiful to Be Guilty Written by Ross Everet | Illustrated and Blogged by Curtis Jackson I’ve never understood criminal groupies. What is it about the seedy underbelly of society that drive them nuts? I know that some individuals are attracted to danger and courage and that’s fine, but what these criminals are doing isn’t dangerous


SourceFed Comic #3: Biebering

Biebering: acting, behaving, or imitating the personification that is Justin Bieber. In less polite words, acting like a douche-bag Oh Justin. I’d shake my head at you in disbelief but you provide the office with too much media gold and thus I must instead give you a soft golf clap. Fresh off of the news