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Disney Opens New Fantasyland


Tomorrow, Disney will be unveiling its new Fantasyland at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The result? It’s doubled in size, the largest expansion in the resort’s history. And it’s high-tech as ever.

You’ll be able to feast in one of three enormous dining rooms in Beast’s Castle, wherein you’ll be able to order your food via touchscreen devices. And, in a personal victory for Elliott, alcohol will be served in the Magic Kingdom for the first time ever. You’ll be able to sip on French wines and beers as you dine.

The Enchanted Forest is a new addition that’s been in the works for over three years and includes attractions from Beauty And The Beast and The Little Mermaid. They’ve also added the Storybook Circus, which focuses on Dumbo themed attractions. I will assume that they have toned down the crows.


They’ve also ported over some of the attractions that we on the West Coast enjoy. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid will be nearly identical to the version that’s currently at Disneyland California Adventure.

Along with that, we’ll get the Princess Fairtyale Hall to open sometime in 2013, which is replacing Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It’ll be where fans can meet all of the Disney Princesses and where single fathers, lost frat boys and hipsters can all attempt to totally score one with Jasmine because we, like, have a band and we’re working on a demo, but it’s looking really good.

Like, really good. We have a great engineer, he’s doing it for free because he believes so much in the project.


Fantasyland will be open to the public on December 6th, and Disney’s hoping that’ll translate into increased ticket sales, beings that they probably put more money in there than I will ever make in my entire life.

Question: Which Disney Princess would you try to bang?