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Disney/ABC Developing “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad” TV Series

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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. A beloved Disneyland/Disney World mine-train roller coaster. Thousands of people ride this attraction daily. Now Disney wants to make a TV show about it.

Yeah. That’s a real thing. At least the fact that ABC has purchased a script for a proposed TV series is a real thing. A series that will blend themes of drama, action and the supernatural. Of course though, right? If you’re gonna write a TV show about a ride that has no cohesive story whatsoever, you’ve got to inject that supernatural element! Because why not?!

I’m a huge fan of Disneyland. Whenever I hear about a film/TV project based on a Disneyland/World attraction, a tiny tingle of excitement happens deep in my heart. Or maybe the fact that the majority of the Disney attractions turned movies have sucked and the tingle I get is an early sign of heart-disease. Anyone remember The Country Bears movie? Or how about that god-awful Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion movie? Hot damn that was a mess right?! Right?

Any way you slice it, making a show based off an ambiguous roller coaster ride about a fast moving mine-train sounds pretty much like a solid money grab and nothing else. Cash in on a beloved attraction at your hugely popular parks with a built in fan base, it’s a no-brainer from a business stand point. But from an audience stand point, it’s a big stretch. Add to the fact that the script was written by Chris Morgan, writer of three of the Fast and The Furious films (those films had writers?!), and Jason Fuchs, who wrote the smash-hit “Ice Age: Continental Drift“.

My initial response to this project still stands: “Dafuq?

Question: Anyone “All Aboard” for this TV show idea?


  1. No bias in your reporting I see. You seem to leave out small items that contradict your theory, like hmmm, Pirates of the caribbean, or the upcomming Haunted mansion redo.
    That aside, you claim that BTMR has no back story and they had to “inject that supernatural element”. Then you go on to say that you are a huge fan of Disneyland. Maybe a fan, but an uneducated one. The backstory has been there from day 1. If you were to oblivious to pick up the story while standing in the queue, you could have done a simple search (like researching your article before writing it) and you would have found the backstory in many places such as ” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Thunder_Mountain_Railroad “.
    Do I think it will be a good show? who knows, I haven’t seen it yet