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Disney’s “Toy Box” Mystery


According to The New York Times, Disney is hard at work on something they’re calling “Toy Box”. Toy Box is apparently a part of Disney CEO, Bob Iger’s plan to turn around the company’s gaming, mobile, and Internet division, which has posted losses for 15 consecutive quarters.

While we think “Toy Box” sounds suspiciously like a good name for a new console, word is that it’s just a console game. They do hint that it has “extensive mobile and online applications in which various Pixar and Disney characters will interact with one another.”

Disney isn’t new to the videogame space. We’ll all remember the sad attempt that was Epic Mickey (which has a sequel on the way). Although I wasn’t a huge fan of Mickey’s foray in the world of Wii Games, Disney did make magic way back in the day. Who remembers how good that Aladdin game was on Super Nintendo? Is that showing my age? Whatever, it was a good game! So, here’s hoping “Toy Box” turns out to be more Aladin and less Mickey.

Just in case they’re scrapping for ideas, we here at SourceFed have already come up with Disney’s next big hit. Resident idea man Joe Bereta gifted the world with this genius: Disney vs. Marvel. Tell me you wouldn’t want to see Jafar blast Spiderman! Or Thor and Scar! Oh man, someone write that down. Oh, wait! I just did. Man, that sounds awesome.

Question: What do you think “Toy Box” could be?