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Dog with No Eyes Plays Fetch


After having her eyes removed as a puppy, Border Collie Chica amazes onlookers with the ability to play fetch.

Her owners compare the dog’s ability to ‘see’ to that of a radar. Chica clearly navigates terrain in a way that if you did not know she was blind, you wouldn’t think about it. The  amazing puppy dog can move at top speeds without being hindered by her lack of sight. In the video above, you can watch as Chica slips through fences and stops for parked cars that she had never seen before coming in contact with them. Chica’s owner Martha Knox told news sources:

“I don’t understand it at all. She runs every place she goes. It’s almost like she has radar.”

Chica’s skill has caught the eye of experts at Purdue University, who are currently studying the dog’s ability to ‘see’ without her eyes. So far, scientists seem to be stumped by Chica’s uncanny ability.

The owners simply say that Chica “sees with her heart.”


What do you think gives the ability for Chica to ‘see’?