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Don’t Forget: Syria’s Still Burning

Syria's Completely Boned

Syria's Completely Boned

I mean, it’s a tiny issue, really. No big deal. But hey, Syria’s still killing a lot of people, and you all seem a little too happy to see the elections are over. Guess what? World still sucks a bit.

Turkey Might Be Getting Patriot Missiles

Turkey’s been talking with NATO over possibly deploying some of them Patriot missiles in their country because of escalating violence out of Syria. The Turkish Foreign Minister said it was perfectly “normal” to have those talks, which is the weakest lie they could possibly tell.

They’ve already tossed some tanks and anti-aircraft batteries along the border. The Foreign Minister says they haven’t made an official request, NATO says they haven’t received an official request, and everyone knows they’re planning on doing it regardless.


Opposition Groups Meeting In Qatar

The Syrian National Council came under fire while leaders of opposition groups met away from the fighting out in Qatar. They’ve begun electing new leaders after other groups criticized them of not properly representing those who are spilling blood in Syria. The Syrian National Council was largely made up of exiles, people who left Syria due to Assad’s brutal regime.

The United States had also criticized the SNC’s makeup, to which the Council fired back that America was trying to “undermine” the revolution. Then the other rebel groups joined in on the criticism, and the Council decided to cave in on the matter.

Officials from the SNC say it may not be enough and the SNC’s days might be numbered.

The United Kingdom has been leading the charge in getting the disparate rebel groups together to organize, as they believe the Assad regime’s days are numbered and the rebels are increasingly “dictating” events.


Judge Assassinated in Damascus

A high-ranking judge was killed via car bomb in Damascus. He was an outspoken supporter of Bashar al-Assad. Wonderful.


Question: Any news on Syria we missed? Do you think Assad’s government is about to collapse?