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DOTA Champ Fights Back


Most nerds have experienced prejudice – people thinking you’re a loser just because you play videogames or read comic books. No matter how you look at it, it’s shitty and even with videogames and comic books hitting the mainstream, it still happens today. One such bullied gamer is named Wei Shanchuan and after he was essentially made fun of in an article he thought was going to praise his gaming prowess, he’s fighting back.

Wei is a well-decorated DOTA champion, having won 20 competitions, and when he was approached by a reporter who wanted to write an article about his life, he was thrilled. Thinking it’d highlight his gaming accomplishments, he was horrified to find that the article actually billed his life as “a cautionary tale for college students.”

Wei contacted to respond to the allegations in the article and his surprise at the article’s direction saying, “When I was interviewed, I told reporters that E-Sports gave me a positive energy; it had a great effect on me, giving me a never-give-up spirit,” said Wei. “I also never said I would be giving up gaming, I had meant that I wanted to graduate university and find a job—the reporters distorted my words.”

Wei contends that the article also flat-out lied about the physical effects his full-time gaming has had on his body, and incidentally, on his love life. Really, guys?! Why you gotta hate on a nerd’s love life?

Question: Have you ever faced nerd prejudice? How did you respond?


  1. What a garbage reporter. This is what gives news a bad name: making a story up for the sake of viewership.
    However, stay tuned for the rise of eSports within the next 20 years.
    This is only the beginning.