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Drew Brees Makes History: 48th Consecutive Game with a TD pass!!



New Orleans Saints QB, Drew Brees, woke up Sunday and decided to make some bacon and eggs with a side of history. You see, Sunday marked the 48th straight game that Brees threw a football to a teammate for a touchdown score.  48 x 6 = 288 Football Points.  Sports Math!

His first TD of the game broke the long-standing record of 47 that Johnny Unitas established from 1956 to 1960.

The record-breaking pass traveled 40-yards from Brees’ man hands before landing in the open arms of Devery Henderson.  The footballer went on to finish the game with 370 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Brees has more than cemented his place in BAMFF  history (Bad Ass Mother F***IN’ Footballer) and he topped off his Sunday by securing the Saints their first win of the season while taking down another BAMFF in the form of Peyton Manning.

All of this doesn’t matter though, because my fantasy team fell to 1-4 this week, despite the fact that Matt Ryan is my QB and I’m rocking the Bears’ defense.  My world is crumbling beneath my fetal-positioned body.




  1. Sad to hear Johnny Unitas’s record has been surpassed, but I hope that it gets surpassed again. That’s what the sport is about, moments that will live on.

  2. Phil why do you not go to me for fantasy advice? We can turn 1-4 into… well… ya you’re pretty bad so far but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop the downward spiral!

  3. They played the chargers on Sunday night Phil. Phillip rivers is who he took down. . . . I can see how your fantasy team is 1-4 with that kind of misinformation.