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Drunk Genius Sticks Sea Creature In Butt



A man in China had a few to many and drunkenly thought it would be a great idea to shove an eel where the sun doesn’t shine.

To add to his embarrassment, the doctor who treated him couldn’t help but to blog about the whole incident afterwards. Apparently doctor/patient privilege is not a thing over there!

The story goes that the 39-year-old¬†drunk genius was having a good time getting drunk when he decided to put a live swamp eel into his rectum. According to the blabby doctor, the 20 inch eel gnawed its way through the man’s colon and into his body.

It caused massive internal bleeding in its attempts to try and find its way out.

Thankfully, the surgeons who worked through the night were able to extricate the fish from its prison, saving both lives. The eel was released back into the wild.

Apparently the drunk was re-create a scene from an X-rated film he was watching, and the eel was more slippery than he anticipated.


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