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Dude Dressed As Mario Groped Women


Yup. A dude dressed as Mario groped some ladies while out at NYC’s Times Square. So we’re going to reveal the secret pasts of other Nintendo characters.

So, Damon Torres is a mid-thirties street performer who busks out at Times Square. Well, when he got all Mario’d out, he apparently was feeling a little frisky, and started getting all up on the women around there. Apparently he grabbed a fifty-eight year old woman’s thighs, or, as a security guard says, “touched her private parts.He was arrested and charged with forcible touching and marijuana possession. Let me just note a few other Nintendo characters with a shady past.


You know that pot possession charge? Well, Luigi deals.

See? He’s the reason why neither of them can go to California ever again.



She’s had a hard life. A hard life full of killing evil. There’s only one way for her to cope, and that is through rampant alcoholism.




What about Wario? He’s a straight up child molester. Seriously, just look at him. Anything about that doesn’t shout “I diddle kids” to you?

  All right, we’re pretty much done here. Question: Which Nintendo star do you think is a full on degenerate?


  1. If we step outside Nintendo, I’d say the dude you play in Minecraft. He’s basically been dropped off at a prison colony that’s empty of people and told he has to survive the giant poisonous spiders, undead, and other monsters. And the only other place he has available to travel to: Hell. I mean, what do you have to do to end up in up in Australia?