WTF 15

Dude Shows Junk To Cops, Gets Let Free


This is a story that’ll warm the… er… let’s say heart. It’s just like the title says: a dude shows his testicles to police, police inspect testicles, and he is let go without any further incident. (The photo is just a random place in Florida, where this happened.)

So, a dude in Port St. Lucie was in his car. He was in a plaza, and a woman saw him moving his hand “in an up and down motion.” She didn’t see anything more than that. He noticed the woman looking at him and stopped. Then he circled around the parking lot and she followed him.

After police were called, they must have checked to see if there was any other kind of call to go on, and finding none, they pulled him over to talk about it, hoping that they weren’t going to see someone’s nethers.

Dude said he had a rash and felt the urge to scratch. Police may or may not have believed him at that point, but he presented his junk to them. Because why not, at this point?

The police verified that indeed, there was a rash on his scrote, yo. Red on his junk. Stuff on his stuff. (I’m running out of ways to say it.) And hey, it ain’t a crime to be scratching at your stuff when you’ve got a condition, even if that condition is “really gotta scratch somethingitis,” so they let him go about his merry way.

You know, I’m not saying that I have scratched, y’know, down there. I just know that sometimes it can get itchy, and really, while it’s great people are remaining vigilant, sometimes dude’s gotta scratch and you should make sure of what’s going on before you call in the bulls.

Yes, I’m watching Brick, so police are called “the bulls” for the rest of the day.

Question: Was this just a simple misunderstanding, or are people just getting too nosy these days?