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Eat All the Food, then Suck It Back Out



A new patent has been published detailing a pump that is designed to suck out food twenty minutes after you eat a meal as a way to fight obesity.

The pump was created by Dean Kamen, the inventor of the Segway, and Aspire Bariatrics as a ‘healthy way’ for American’s can lose weight without having to radically change their diet.

This procedure is supposedly far less invasive than many other gastric bypass surgeries that are available to the public. It was described as a small, 1 cm incision over the patients stomach, with a tube that is secured both within the stomach and on the surface of the skin with a skinport. 20 minutes after the food is ingested, the patient can open the skinport and the slightly-digested food can be extracted.

The food extraction system connects the stomach to the abdominal wall (Pic: USPTO)

The pump has not been approved by the FDA but is currently in the human trials stage of testing, and the results are looking promising. However, one woman who has been testing out the pump has had trouble removing different types of food from her stomach, and has since had to remove certain foods from her diet. One clinical trialists noted that they would need:

“enhance propulsion … to break up large food”. It then adds: “The patient changed her dietary intake to avoid food clogging [the pump tube]. She avoided eating cauliflower, broccoli, chinese food, stir fry, snow peas, pretzels, chips and steak.”


Would any of you get this stomach pump if money was no option?


  1. I don’t know man. Sounds kinda gross to me. And what would Be done with the excess food? Do I just throw it out, or flush it?

    1. Guess it could become free pet or plant food. Cook it up and have it as soup in the next meal?

    1. No, it doesn’t work for 99% of all people. Do you really think that discipline is the only thing standing between somebody who’s fat and their dream weight? If that were so, obesity would be unheard of.

      Of the four kids in my family, three of us have struggled with our weight all our lives. The fourth work extra underwear and socks in high school because he didn’t want to look too skinny. He ate like a horse – and then some. Always had seconds, always had the dessert of the day PLUS some bread & peanut butter. Washed everything down with a couple of glasses of milk. The three of us “chubbies” never even tried to keep up with his eating habits, although I was a pretty active kid. We had a kid filled neighbourhood and there was always something going on – soccer baseball, wall ball, kick the can, whatever. But all that running around never made me thin. We didn’t even snack during the day. It just wasn’t done.

      Medication can also make it impossible for some people to lose weight – after it’s caused them to gain 60 lbs, of course.

  2. Uhm — those of us who have gone through a gastric surgery realize we have to take vitamins and supplements the rest of our lives – I suspect the same would be true for this “solution”? I wonder if they are addressing it?

  3. Gastric Bypass Surgery is good for those that really need help losing weight and are not able to exercise to get it going. I am cool with that. This just seems to be too much.

    I was 360lbs. I am now around 270, and actually got to 252 before having some issues and needing surgery. It was ALL done with diet changes and getting active. 30 minute walks a day starting last year. So I know a little about how being overweight makes you feel, and what it takes to lose weight.

    Under no circumstances would I ever think to do this. I don’t think this is a good option, and it probably has more drawbacks than gastric bypass surgery. This seems to be an easier surgery for those that aren’t willing to put forth the effort. I know someone that had gastric bypass surgery, and she did very well with it. She knew someone that had the same surgery, but didn’t lose weight, they actually gained weight. It was determined that she was BLENDING McDonalds meals, burgers fries and pop, and DRINKING the meal. She was confused as to why she was gaining weight.

    This is a big problem, and it shows you what a major issue is. It is HARD to break habits. It is HARD to change your lifestyle. It is HARD to do that when you are feeling like crap and have people telling you “Just don’t eat as much and stop being lazy!”.

    The BIGGEST thing to losing weight, the big secret to getting smaller and healthy is NOT diet and exercise. It is MOTIVATION and KNOWLEDGE. If you are not motivated or knowledgeable about how nutrition work you will never lose weight. Even with all my weight loss I lost motivation a few times and when that happened I didn’t lose, and I even gained some back.

    Quick fixes like this do not help the issue. The people getting these surgeries will likely become malnurished because they will have the ability to just purge everything they eat. They wont get nutrients, they won’t get the necessary calories, fat, carbs and protein, and they will lose a shit ton of weight and lose it too fast. If they don’t end up in the hospital because of that then when they finish their weight loss and then get the pump taken out they will just go back to their regular habits and gain it alllll back.

    It is way more complicated than a machine being attached to you and poof weight loss!

  4. Guess people would actually have to chew their food rather than inhale it for it to fit in the tube. Cant see this being much different than lap band, I would assume you would have to take vitamins and suppliments and not pump those out. Talk about a new way to make gravy though or make a meal last longer by someone eating what came out of the tube. lol

  5. You could have talked about any number of good things Dean Kamen has done, like FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) a high school robotics competition that has opened up opportunities for millions of students (myself included.) The LUKE Arm, a new prosthetic arm that will improve the lives of amputees, or the Slingshot water purification system producing clean water for impoverished nations.
    But we go with the Bulimia stick. I still love ya’ll but…

    Is this a bad way to deal with dieting in the way I understand it?

    Is it a bad invention?
    Yet to be seen. If it decreases the unhealthy habits of America, either by taking the food from their stomachs or disgusting them into not putting as much crapy food in, then it will have served it’s purpose and decreased obesity.

  6. Yes, I’d get it. Right now I don’t eat anything by mouth and haven’t for almost 5 years now. I would love to be able to just have SOMETHING.

  7. The FDA CANNOT pass this. Bulimia is to weight loss as Anorexia Nervosa is to Weight Loss, if you get my drift. It is not a healthy habit and can cause all sorts of problems. Bulimia is not as serious as Anorexia and doesn’t have as drastic an effect on weight, but it can still wreck your body and your teeth. The parts of your body affected would be your throat and esophagus. It can cause a great strain on your heart and even cause cardiac arrest. That’s what killed Karen Carpenter, who practised for years. She was in her 30s when she died.

    Bulimia is treated as a mental illness, which it should be. Marketing a machine that’ll do it for you just legitimizes it and will tell more people (mostly girls) that it’s okay to do it. Just don’t tell anybody. Most people who are Bulimic are not that overweight, if at all. While this will be available only to obese people, there’s a huge chance that some of them were bulimic when they were younger and this could be just the ticket they need to get back on the bulimia band wagon without stressing their heart or burning out their esophagus.

    This is SUCH a bad idea.