End Unibrow Discrimination Now!

Lourdes Unibrow

YouTuber Mark Rober decided to do a social experiment regarding unibrows to find out if people will discriminate against someone with a forehead stache.

Remember when people gave Madonna’s daughter a bunch of crap when she grew and then subsequently chopped off her unibrow?

Lourdes Unibrow

There was a reason for that. It’s bad enough when you’re a normal person who’s cursed with the dreaded single brow, could you imagine if you were the child of a world famous pop star.

Mark Rober had a unibrow when he was young as well, and discovered that with the magic of tweezers his social life suddenly improved by 1000%. Now as an adult he decided to undertake a social experiment in which he sported a unibrow once more to answer the question:

Do people discriminate against someone just for having a little extra hair?

The answer was an astounding yes. More people spoke to Mark and for longer periods of time when he didn’t have the Caterpillar crawling across his face.  To make matters worse, people would stare, make fun of, and even try to surreptitiously try to take photos of him when he did have the brow going.

It’s sad, and this ridiculous form of judgement needs to end now!


Do you treat people a certain way based on their appearance and why?