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Endless Space Free To Play On Steam This Weekend


Amplitude Studios is allowing people to play Endless Space, the turn-based strategy and 4-EX indie game (explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate), for free over the weekend until Sunday.

In Endless Space, you choose one out of nine civilizations, or you can even create your own. You can win given a few different conditions — among them Economic, Diplomatic and Supremacy victories. The game plays out on a randomly generated map wherein you colonize star systems and planets.

Battles apparently take place in a  quasi-real-time environment, and in trying to understand what’s going on via Wikipedia my eyes kinda glazed over.

Each battle scene takes place in three engagement stages: long-range, medium-range, and short-range engagements, with different types of weapons and ship systems performing better or worse as the fleets increase in physical proximity over time. Fleets are issued up to three different ‘cards’, one for each stage of combat, which represent fleet-wide general orders, from categories such as attack, defend, tactics, sabotage, and engineering.

And here’s a list of victory conditions:

  • Expansion: conquer 75% or more of the colonized universe
  • Scientific: the first player to research the Pan-Galactic Society, the last technology of the Science tree, wins the game. That particular technological wonder is very hard to get, and reaching the ends of the other technology trees will make it easier to finish.
  • Economic: the first player to reach a certain level of cumulative revenue (Dust) wins. Only overall revenue matters, so it does not matter if you spent it all.
  • Diplomatic: if you manage to survive long enough while being at war the least amount of time, you may be able to impose yourself and win thanks to your wisdom and integrity.
  • Supremacy: the first player to own all the original players’ homeworlds will win.
  • Score: if no one managed to win with one of the previous victory conditions, the player with the highest score wins when the turn limit is reached.

So, yeah, check out Endless Space on Steam and post your Steam ID in the comments below if you want to get some fellow SourceFed fans to join up.