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Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas Trailer Released!

The trailer for Hearthstone’s first single-player adventure has been released!


League of Legends Cinematic Released!

League of Legends has released a new cinematic online titled ‘A New Dawn’!


Nathan Drake Says ‘No’ A Lot!

Now, Nathan Drake of the ‘Uncharted’ series has always been known as the man who talks almost way too much, but I was completely unaware of the fact that he says ‘No’ as many times as Shia LaBeouf.


An Idiot’s Guide To Spoilers

Some people are really touchy about spoilers, so here’s kind of a guide to the world of spoilers!


Mortal Kombat X Raiden Revealed!

In a short battle clip posted by IGN, we get a small look at was the newest Mortal Kombat will look like, along with one of our favorite characters: Raiden!


Speedrunner Obliterates 2 Minute Record for ‘Spelunky’

Luck and gear helped German speedrunner, Pibonacci, post a completion time of under two minutes in the game ‘Spelunky’!


New Super Smash Bros. Characters Announced!

Captain Falcon will be returning to Super Smash Bros. and is joined by two characters from Fire Emblem Awakening: Robin and Lucina!

Dragon Age

16 Minutes of Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Released!

Creative director Mike Laidlaw takes us through the first 16 minutes of ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’!


Destiny Beta Starting Soon!

Better pre-order Destiny right now, because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to access the Beta!


Gamers Raise over $700,000 For Charity!

Whoever said video games can’t change the world probably hasn’t heard of Speed Demos Archive or their event ‘Games Done Quick’!

Team Fortress

Team Fortress 2 Short Film Released!

The creators over at Team Fortress have made a fantastic and hilarious short film!


The Steam Summer Sale is Coming!

Every year someone makes a clever video about the arrival of the Steam Summer Sale and it’s wallet hindering prowess. Here is the latest one!