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Arkham Knight

Arkham Knight Delayed Til 2015

Arkham Knight Delayed Til 2015

The new trailer for ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ reveals Batmobile battle, but unfortunately it came with the announcement that the game will be delayed until 2015.


MORTAL KOMBAT X Officially Announced With Badass Trailer!

AGH! YES! HYPE! FUCK. YES. The game will apparently be on display at E3 next week, so hopefully we’ll be able to tell you more very, very soon!


What the Hell Did They Do to Mario?!

This Japanese car commercial has turned Mario of the Mario Bros. into something strange and confusing.

Quantum Break

Quantum Break Gameplay Teaser Released!

A 30-second teaser of the upcoming XBox One exclusive ‘Quantum Break’ has been released!


Battlefield Hardline Gameplay Trailer Leaked!

The game play trailer for the latest Battlefield game has leaked, watch it while you can!


New Trailer For ‘The Evil Within’ Just Released!

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! How terrifying is The Evil Within? See actual playtest reactions in the brand new trailer!


Conan Reviews ‘Watch Dogs’ on Clueless Gamer!

Conan O’Brien got an exclusive copy of ‘Watch Dogs’ early and reviews it!


Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer Released!

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Batman: Arkham Knight and it looks so awesome!


YouTube to Buy Twitch for $1 Billion?!

Rumors are flying that YouTube will be acquiring Twitch, the streaming service for gamers, for $1 billion!


This is How Diablo Should Start Every Game

This cute little animation re-imagines the opening of Diablo 3, and it’s awesome! They should start every Diablo game like this!


‘Watch Dogs’ Happens in Real Life?!

A cellphone repair guy adds a special app for his customers that turns off street lights, and opens random car doors!


Someone Made an Awesome Song Using ‘Hearthstone’ Sounds!

Tuber JimandNathDoTheGames created a really awesome song using the sounds made by the cards in the popular Blizzard game, ‘Hearthstone’!