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This 60 Second Robin Williams Tribute Video Will Make You Cry Happy Tears.

This 60 Second Robin Williams Tribute Video Will Make You Cry Happy Tears.

It just takes a minute to watch this, literally. Take some time to reflect on all those movies of your childhood and mourn a man that is already so incredibly missed.


Some Idiots In Kentucky And Florida Are Trying To Do A Real Life Purge

Could a real life Purge actually happen in Louisville, Kentucky & Jacksonville, Florida in the next few weeks?! Some idiots have made threats, and the police aren’t taking them lightly.

Star Wars

It’s the Star Wars/Friday Mash Up You Never Knew You Wanted!

Some brilliant, insane person decided that Friday should be combined with Star Wars and it came out way better than anticipated!

The Drop Trailer

‘The Drop’ Second Trailer Released!

Tom Hardy gets dragged back into the mob world in James Gandolfini’s last film ‘The Drop’!

Sean Bean

Sean Bean Doesn’t Know How To Live!

When finally given a scene in which he actually does not die, Sean Bean can’t help himself!

Highball (19)

BEHOLD: The Most Badass Movie Theater & Retro Karaoke Bar… EVER!

Ask anyone. Alamo Drafthouse is a staple in the Austin, TX community and with the HUGE grand reopening of their most popular location, they’re going ALL OUT! Alert! Alert! NERDGASM INCOMING!

Groot Thumb

Someone Made A Perfect Groot Cosplay Already!!

Calen Hoffman of Propcustomz created an amazing Groot cosplay that’s absolutely perfect!

Book of Life

The Book of Life Second Trailer Released!

The upcoming animated film produced by Guillermo Del Toro has a second trailer and it’s a candy feast for the eyes!


Hunger Games District 13 Character Posters Released!

While not as flashy as the previous district posters, the new Hunger Games character poster illustrate the dismal life of District 13.

The Milano

MTV Cribs Invades Star Lord’s Ship!

Get a tour of the Milano, MTV cribs style!

Stephen Hawking

The Theory of Everything Trailer Released!

The upcoming Stephen Hawking bio-pic finally has a trailer!


Every X-Men Film in Less Than 3 Minutes!

Which is basically, all of the X-Men films are ‘The Wolverine Show’ co-starring all the other mutants, and we honestly cannot argue with that point!