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Fish Plays

Fish Plays Pokemon?!

Watch live video from FishPlaysPokemon on www.twitch.tv Okay… First there was Twitch Plays Pokemon, but this may have just killed the strange-way-to-play-a-game trend dead in its tracks. Why is this a thing?!

Stephen Hawking

The Theory of Everything Trailer Released!

The upcoming Stephen Hawking bio-pic finally has a trailer!


Barack Obama Sings ‘Fancy’!

Baracksdubs put together clips of President Barack Obama singing Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’!


Arrested Development Season 5 Confirmed!?

The Bluths are returning yet again to the small screen as Netflix is “positive” that Arrested Development will return for season 5!

AC Rogue

Assassin’s Creed Rogue Trailer Released!

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed: Rogue has been released! This time, we follow Shay Corman, assassin-turned-Templar and his mission to hunt down his brothers and satisfy his revenge!

Bullet Ants

The Worst Pain Ever Known to Man

Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy traveled down to the Amazon to take part in the Maw√© tribe’s ritual where a man becomes a warrior by putting his hands into gloves filled with Bullet Ants.


Toyota Introduces Their Own Swagger Wagon

The new Toyota Sienna aka the Swagger Wagon commercial is filled with awkward, cringeworthy hilarity and it’s advertising perfection.

Oh Chris Pratt

Forgot About Dre ft. Chris Pratt (with music)

Yesterday we featured the world’s newest man crush reciting his favorite Eminem lyrics and you loved it as much as we expected. Today someone decided to sync it with the music from the song and its even better. Main point: Enjoy. Play it on repeat. Make kissy faces to your Chris Pratt poster you just

Object manipulation

Nothing is Real Anymore: Carnegie Mellon Students Introduce 3-D Object Manipulation in Photographs

If this is indeed real, and by all appearances it is, then this is an amazing and terrifying advancement in photo technology!


Every X-Men Film in Less Than 3 Minutes!

Which is basically, all of the X-Men films are ‘The Wolverine Show’ co-starring all the other mutants, and we honestly cannot argue with that point!


Man Does Not Want His Fancy Tickled!

YouTuber Flula does not want his fancy tickled by the strange waiter at a restaurant!