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Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix This Month

Here’s What’s Coming and Going From Netflix This Month

This month we’re losing 100 titles from Netflix, but it’s all worth it because this month they’re adding ‘Cool Runnings’!

Ice Bucket

Homer Simpson Does The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

With a donation count of $88 million and rising, Homer Simpson does the ALS ice bucket challenge in all his animated goodness!

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Chelsea Handler Bids Goodbye To E!

After 7 years on the network, Chelsea Handler said her last goodbye to E!.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Too Long? Didn’t Watch It? TL;DW Has You Covered!

Just kidding! Game of Thrones is apparently so dense, the guys over at TL;DW couldn’t sum it up in 3 minutes!

Breaking Bad

Watch All of Breaking Bad in Just 2 Hours!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jason Grzybowski created a 2-hour cinematic recap of Breaking Bad, that gives you all of the appreciation for the series without spending seemingly endless amounts of hours viewing.


Was the Sofia Vergara Moment On The Emmy Awards Sexist?

During last night’s Emmy Awards, Sofia Vergara was brought out on stage, and placed on a spinning platform while the President of the Academy gave a boring speech.


Nobody Cares About The Emmys!?

The Emmys were on last night, and according to one of the very-meta hilarious bits from the show: No one cares.

Parks and Rec

Parks and Recreation Season 6 Bloopers

Sadly, there’s only one season left of Parks and Rec. Here, cheer up with some blooper-y goodness from this past season!


Official American Horror Story Teaser Released!

An official teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Freakshow has been released!

Breaking Bad

Aaron Paul Is Going To Have Breaking Bad Scavenger Hunt!

As a thank you to all the fans of the show, and in honor of its last time at the Emmy Awards, Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul plans on hosting a themed scavenger hunt in the LA area!

Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars is Only 3 Minutes Long?!

YouTuber GorgeousWig cut out all the inane crap from ‘Pawn Stars’ to discover that the straight forward version would last a paltry 3 minutes.


Pierce Brosnan Plays Goldeneye with Jimmy Fallon

This may be the greatest game of ‘Goldeneye’ ever played!


Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul Reunite For Our Happiness!

Behold, Barely Legal Pawn! Better know as out Hesienberg & Pinkman reuniting for the Breaking Bad Spin-Off we all deserve!