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Mike Tyson

Adult Swim Announces Mike Tyson Mysteries?!

Adult Swim Announces Mike Tyson Mysteries?!

A lot of trailers came out of the Comic-Con weekend, and this one comes from Adult Swim, who announced a Mike Tyson animated series called ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’!


John Oliver Talks About Nuclear Weapons

Hey, remember the time we had special videos to train people about nuclear fallout? Me neither, because I wasn’t born yet, but maybe we should have a chat about it!

Family Guy

The Griffins Are Going to Springfield!

It’s “The Simpson’s”/”Family Guy” mash-up you’ve been waiting for all of your life!


Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers Released!

In case you didn’t catch it over the weekend, the team behind Game of Thrones released their bloopers for season 4!

Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 5 Comic-Con Trailer Released!

The full trailer for The Walking Dead: Season 5 was released at Comic-Con and it looks fantastic!


Halo: Nightfall Comic-Con Trailer Released!

A room packed with dozens of fans got their first look at Halo: Nightfall, the upcoming action series coming out for X-Box consoles!


Gordon Ramsay Cooks With Jimmy Kimmel, It Goes Exactly How You’d Expect!

Ah, Gordon Ramsay, the jerk chef with a heart of gold was so intimidating for Kimmel to cook with that the scrambled eggs he was cooking go all rubbery.


Conan’s Film Debut Aired!

Conan makes his film debut in Roger Corman’s latest horror masterpiece ‘Sharktopus vs Pteracuda’!

Sailor Moon

250 Artists, One Sailor Moon Episode!

250 amazing artists collaborated to re-animate an entire episode of Sailor Moon!


Jon Oliver On How Awesome The American Prison System Is

Jon Oliver breaks down the amazing that is the American prison system! Oh wait did I say amazing? I meant awful!


Watch DragonBall Z’s Frieza Saga in Just 7 Minutes Flat! (SNSFW)

Team 4 Star has created an abridged version of DragonBall Z Kai’s Frieza saga with new dubs and hilariously quotable moments!