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Fabulously Nerdy Flats



Fabulously Nerdy Flats

With fall fast approaching, a solid assortment of flats is essential. Not only do they work well with tights, they can instantly dress up any outfit without the hassle (and in my case, hazard) that is wearing high heels. Of course, I like to add a bit of a nerdy twist to everything I do, so each of these flats has a bit of a nerdy/fun vibe!

Imperial Glitter Shoes by aishavoya

If there’s anything we know the Empire loves – it’s pizazz. I mean, think about it: big fancy capes, orchestral marches, big, fat lasers. So, a plain tribute to the Empire just won’t do. Plus, it’s a proven fact that glitter makes the stars twinkle. Proven. Scientific. Fact. Star Wars not your thing? There are also My Little Pony and Pokemon flats available!

Day of the Dead Shoes by emandsprout

With Dia de los Muertos fast approaching (it’s this week!), you won’t want to be caught without these adorable shoes. These adorable little sugar skull flats are classy enough to wear all year-round, so even if it’s not November, you can see have a little bit of spooky fun with you.

 Super Mario Bros. Flats by GREENWITHENVII

It’s no secret that I absolutely adore classic gaming. Combined with some shiny new shoes – I think we’ve found the shoes I’m going to wear forever. Featuring goombas, bullet bill, and old-school, pixel-y lava, these shoes are sure to be a hit with any classic gamer you meet!

Batman Comic Flats by TheAllegra

Holy awesome shoes, Batman! (I couldn’t help myself.) These fun flats bring classic Batman back to life by featuring the caped crusader in all his retro glory. And riddle me this: These shoes are freaking adorable. Okay, that wasn’t really a riddle, but c’mon! They’re freakin’ Batman comic shoes!

Sailor Moon Manga Flats by pixeledpink

And to cap off our funky flat feature with a pair of shoes I didn’t know I needed, but now sit atop my Christmas list, these flats feature scenes from the Sailor Moon manga and are made to order. Full disclosure: I would totally order a pair with Usagi and Mamo-chan making out all over them. Hey, these shoes are for me and I’ll have fictional characters making out all over them if I want to.

Which of these fun flats caught your eye? Let me know in the comments down below.