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Facebook’s First/Worst Ad

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7SjvLceXgU&w=560&h=315]

You know how they say ‘first the worst’?

It’s true.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen the jumble of confusion that claims to be an ad for FaceBook (video embedded for your viewing…pleasure? That doesn’t seem like the right word…I’m so confused), but it sure is something else.

Alright, now that you’ve seen it and we’re on the same page…DA FUQ?

I don’t even know where to start for this one and apparently neither did Facebook since the first image in the video is a floating red chair in the middle of a jungle-y wilderness. Wha…?

Then, after showing how inclusive the company is towards people [and chairs] of different colors, a lady whose creepy, lifeless voice–which I assume is supposed to sound soothing–starts telling the viewer about how Facebook is like a chair. And a doorbell. And an airplane. And a bridge. And America? Bold Statement.

Then I become infinitely depressed as the whisper-y lady tells me I’m all alone in the universe and that’s why I need Facebook.

So that I can create the illusion of having 1,021 friends by reading countless status updates about how terrible people’s days are going–“LOL”. How do I know some of these people again?

Thanks, Facebook. It’s good to know you’re there for me. I feel so much better.

I think Sam Biddle may’ve summed it up best in his take on the Ad:

“Facebook is like a chair, the ad says. Because it connects you. It connects your ass to a piece of wood? Or you sit at it for hours on end every day, vacantly? Facebook is like a stool. Facebook is literally a couch you bought on Craigslist. How are you going to fit it in your living room? This Facebook is way too big—Damnit, why didn’t you measure it before you bought it? And you paid with cash? We were going to use that cash for our trip to Panama City, and now you went and spent it on a Facebook.

Facebook is a chair, loved by one billion people, and this ad is confusing and stupid, like a chair made out of spiders and chicken tenders”.

I’m with you, on this one Biddle.

Question time, nation: do you think this ad is effective or was this just a waste of money?


  1. Facebook Employee: “Our stock is worth shit! You know what I’m gonna do? Get drunk!”

    3 hours later…

    Drunk employee: “Hey man. What we need is an ad. Ya, an ad man! Ya, we can totally make it full of metaphors and shit…like how Facebook is like…this chair!”

  2. If you watch the ad without sound it initially looks like an ad for a furniture store, then it starts to look more like an ad for a bad travel agency…
    “We have 3,678,954 chairs around the world for you to sit in and counting.”

  3. That was a hot mess! When I think of Facebook, the first word that comes to my head is not “Chair”. And isn’t the voice over lady the same one that used to do the creepy Palm Pre ads?


  4. When the voice first said “And that’s why chairs are like Facebook” I had to stop the video, go back, and rewatch it to make sure I didn’t miss some important point of the compairison…

  5. They’re talking about things that get people together. Facebook gets people together. How hard is that to understand???

  6. I understood that ad, the chair is a symbol of something that we always use to speak with other people, i’m using one right now, i use one at school to talk with my friends, a sofa at my grandma apartament . It’s effective, it shows that in many moments of our lives we are talking to someone while sitting on chair,or a sofa whatever, having good moments or talking about something private. You said that Facebook is like a chair, a doorbell, an airplane and a bridge, the ad said that those things are used by people to get together, only the chair is like facebook, in that part they are comparing facebook to a letter for exemple, people used them to talk with each other so they could plan a trip to somewhere, now they use facebook, something that conect them. I don’t get it, it’s pretty simple ad, except the universe part… stupid.

    1. was thinking the same…. if they used some out metaphors they could have gotten an okay Ad out of this!

  7. They’re trying to go the Apple way, to have some super dramatic ad. thingy. They failed. It’s a bunch of poop and poop. What is this? WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

  8. My poo, it’s like facebook, because the things that people post on facebook are shit.

  9. You know, this ad is really pretty if you turn the sound off. Then it gets to the text and it gets ugly again.

  10. Ughhhh…..too…stupid…..Facebookiis like a piece of fried chicken to lonely people who just so happen to be fat.

  11. More people are talking about Facebook after this ad was produced than before. In fact there are 28 instances of the word Facebook on this page. Mission successful . . .