Family Lives Under a Rock…Literally

Family Lives Under Rock (7)

Living under a rock is not the most advocated thing to do, but one Mexican family has made a 131 foot boulder their home sweet home.

Farmer Benito Hernandez knew that he wanted to make the rock formation in Coahuila, Mexico his home since he was eight years old. Over twenty years later, he was able to buy the land and build their sun-dried brick house beneath it.

The awe inspiring rock formation where the Hernandez’s reside is near the remote town of San Jose de Piedras, just 50 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border. While their home is small, it is warm and loving. It was also large enough to raise the couple’s seven children over the span of 30 years that they have resided in their cave-esque home.

Hernandez said:

‘I started coming here when I was 8 years old to visit the Candelilla fields and I liked it here. I wasn’t married and I didn’t have a family yet, but I liked it and I had to keep coming to put my foot in because lands here are won through claiming them.”

Hernandez makes his living by working off the land and harvesting the Candelilla plant. The plant is used to make candle wax and medicine.

The dwelling, while idealistic, has its drawbacks. Electricity is unreliable, the home lacks a sewage system, and the family struggles to get by during the winter when their water supply from the nearby mountain spring freezes over.

However, Hernandez refuses to move to more comfortable accommodations  preferring to tough it out, living in one Mexico’s spectacular landscapes.

Check out the gallery of the beautiful family home below:

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If it living in your dream space was inconvenient the way the Hernandez’s home is, would you stick it out?


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