Florida Man Butt-Dials 911, Reveals Murder Plot

Butt Dial


Florida PD arrest a man and charge him with first-degree murder after he butt-dials 911.

We’ve all been there before; you get a phone call from a friend, only to find out that they accidentally butt-dialed you. Hooray for you, now you get to listen in on your friend’s private conversation about their unsatisfactory sex life! While butt-dialing can offer various forms of entertainment most of the time, it can also prove to be advantageous.

Florida Police were aided by a butt-dial on May 5, when Scott Simon butt-dialed 911 while he was at a Waffle House and proceeded to describe a crime he was intending on committing, unaware that an emergency operator was listening the entire time.

Simon can be heard telling a man that he intended to follow the man to his house and shoot him. Police arrested Simon last Tuesday when they noted that the call was made minutes apart from the murder of Nicholas Walker, who was shot while he was pulling his car onto the I-95.

While police don’t think that Simon actually committed the crime, they do believe he played a part in coordinating it.

Scott Simon is currently in custody and is charged with first-degree murder.


What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard over a butt-dial?