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Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid TV Actors


Okay, so I know what this story is. I got the link. I’ve decided that I’m going to type this story out while I read the article.

Strap in, kids.

Forbes, as always, wants to let you know who has all the money that you’re not making. And as with any list involving Hollywood, it’s doubly-infuriating because these people have all the money you’re not making — and they don’t even really work for a living.

All right, I’m reading the article now, here we go.

Oh, okay, number one is Ashton Kutcher. It’s even worse knowing that now, it doesn’t matter who the lead is on Two And A Half Men, you’re going to get a dump truck full of money.

Hugh Laurie came up to number two, which isn’t all that surprising. Typically, in TV contracts, there are automatic pay bumps for the lead actors, writers and returning directors. Sometimes you’ll see shows that aren’t getting terrible ratings be canceled — this is one of the reasons why. Sooner or later the cost of the actors/writers/directors becomes prohibitively expensive if the ratings drop too much.

Ray Romano got number three out of both his underrated Men Of A Certain Age and the disgustingly large syndication money he gets from his overrated Everybody Loves Raymond.

Alec Baldwin and Mark Harmon round out the list. I’m not sure if Baldwin’s commercials had any boost to his already sizable 30 Rock salary

Okay, I just took a look at my bank statement. I’m gonna go to bed.

Question: Which TV actor do you think should be the highest paid?


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