Former Marine Alex Minsky Man’s Up! [SNSFW]

Alex Minsky

When people see Alex Minsky, the first word that should come to mind is hero. The second word should be inspirational.
Alex Minsky was in the Marines until he lost his right leg in combat. However, the loss of his leg left him with a sense of purpose and he hopes to inspire others with his journey. When asked how he felt after losing his leg, he said:

“I guess you can say I haven’t even really realized it’s a disability at all yet. Still. It’s just the way it is. I have one leg now. Life goes on. Life really is what you make it.”

His missing leg wasn’t the only challenge Minsky had to overcome. With his assent to semi-stardom came several encounters with the law over substance abuse. It came down to a simple choice, get sober or go to jail. Seven months later he’s quick to attribute his positive outlook on life to Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alex Minsky Mans Up

When asked what has been his most powerful motivator for staying healthy was, he replied:

“I wanted to look good naked.”

Boy does he look good. Check out the gallery of Minsky down below (Warning: it’s SNSFW!):