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Geeky Gifts for Men: Cufflinks


Geeky Gifts for Men: Cufflinks

As a lady of the nerdy variety, I often find myself with the seemingly insurmountable task of buying something nice for the special nerd in my life. I think men are hard to buy for in general, but taking traditional gifts for men and giving them a nerdy flair is a great way to make a gift memorable. Today, we feature a fantastically geeky gift for men of all ages: cufflinks!

 Doctor Who “Don’t Blink” Cufflinks by chasingatstarlight

Any Whovian will love this stylish nod to the classic series.

Chrome Robot Cufflinks by therustedkey

These robot cufflinks also feature moveable arms and legs so your fella can pose them any way he pleases.

Star Trek Cufflinks by southernliving26

Take your fashion where no other fashion accessory has gone before…except all the other people who already own these.

Custom QR Code Cufflinks by BeautySpot

Customize these modern cufflinks with any message you’d like for a personalized twist.

Death Star Cufflinks by cuffitt

Those are no small moons – they’re cufflinks! Haha!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Cufflinks by LoveJump

Heros in a half shell – cufflink power!!

Transformers Cufflinks by southernliving26

These nerdy cufflinks are “deceptive”-ly stylish. Mwahaha – see what I did there?

Lego Cufflinks by cutebricks

Any guy who grew up building monstrous creations will love these colorful accessories.

SNES Controller Cufflinks by BazingJewellery

Celebrate your love of old school gaming with these retro cufflinks!

Paper Mario Cufflinks by beaujangles

Classic characters with a modern twist – sure to catch the eye of any gamer, young or old.

Question: Which set of cufflinks caught your eye?