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Get Your Nerd On!


All right, nerds. Listen up. We’ve got what you want right here. We’ve got NASA. We’ve got artfully drawn and anatomically improbable hotties. We’ve got weird video games and we’ve got odd Japanese dating parties. You’re effing welcome. Welcome to Nerd Porn.

First up, because I want to learn you some before you get mired in weird images and the female form: Spot The Space Station.

NASA realized that people may be looking at the International Space Station and not even realizing it, as it’s the third brightest object in the sky. So they decided to create a site called Spot The Station. They’ve built an infrastructure that will notify you when the ISS is visible in your area.

Just go to the site, put in your general location, and then your e-mail and/or phone number, and NASA will automatically notify you when the ISS is available to see in your area. They’ve also set it up and assure users that only “good” sighting opportunities will be sent out. So sign up and take a look at thing we built that puts people in frickin’ space.


Lethal Ladies

Newsarama figured you hadn’t seen enough illustrated breasts, so they came out with their top ten female supervillains.

Then they took a dive and made Catwoman number one. Catwoman is not a villain. She’s a rogue. You don’t get to bang Batman and then call yourself a villain. Unless you drugged him to do so. They made Dark Pheonix number two, who should’ve been number one because at least when Phoenix goes Dark she goes legit Dark. No Poison Ivy.

Anyway, go look and judge as I have.


Japanese Nerd Dating

A speed-dating event for geeks was held in Kuki, Japan, recently. Folks were looking for a marriage partner, which, well, I thought was pretty optimistic of them. All the geeks had masks. Some were of Pokemon, and somewhere in photos I spotted a Kick-Ass mask.

9 men and 8 women walked in. Four couples walked out. Pretty successful event, considering, y’know, masks.

And by women, they don’t mean Japanese body pillows. They can, like, talk and have well-formed opinions and stuff.


Mew-Genics Is Weird

Yup. It’s a game. It’s weird. Not much on it, but here’s a picture. Apparently it’s going to be random-generated content with cats involved. Shit, I don’t know.



Question: What’s the most exciting nerd news that you heard about over this last weekend?