Gorgeous NASA Time-Lapse Of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy satellite image

Today in stuff that is both beautiful and absolutely deadly, NASA has released a time-lapse video of Hurricane Sandy as it was off the coast of Florida on October 26th.

So hey, here you go, compliments of those friendly nerds at NASA:



Sandy is incoming, and that’s about all I have to say on the subject. The video here shows just how powerful she is, and from previous posts, you’ll know that if you’re in the evac zone, you should get the hell out.

Don’t be an idiot. Your stuff is just stuff. Seriously, listen to POS:



Come on, now. And hey, if you want to do something while a hurricane is tearing up the East Coast, just get yourself Cat’s Cradle. I read it this weekend. It was awesome as expected. And get POS’ We Don’t Even Live Here album. It’s killer. AV Club gave it an A-.

Seriously, just take a powder while this thing’s doing its thing.

The hurricane hasn’t hit yet and Manhattan is already flooding. If you want to get some serious, holy schnikes stories on Sandy, I would heartily suggest checking out Gawker’s coverage. They’re all over this thing.

Question: How killer is that POS track?