Guinness’ 2012 World Records!

Guinness, the wonderful record-keeping organization, has come out with its updated list of top records for 2012. I’m sad that my record for longest one-sitting viewing of Arrested Development didn’t make the cut.

Let’s start with the puppy: Here’s Zeus, the world’s tallest dog:

At three years old, this Great Dane from Michigan stands at 44-inches tall (that’s over three and a half feet on all fours) and stretches out to over seven freaking feet. He weighs over a hundred and fifty pounds and his family had to get a van just to bring him home.

If he looks underfed, well, he ain’t — he eats a thirty pound bag of food a week.

Next up, the most viewed online video ever. No surprise, it’s Gangnam Style. Here you go.

Moving on: The world’s oldest person died this year. Besse Cooper died earlier this month at the tender age of 116, making her the oldest person on record to have lived on this earth.


And now, the hotness. Twenty-eight gymnasts, that’s a two and an eight in there, stuffed themselves into a Mini Cooper.

Yeah, that’s probably going to be my favorite record.

And this is a close second: Miranda Ferguson, a sixteen year old cheerleader, broke the record for most consecutive backflips.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Question: Which record on here or elsewhere do you claim as your favorite?


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