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Fabulously Fierce Halo Accessories


Fabulously Fierce Halo Accessories

While some big election thing happened yesterday, Steve and I spent most of our night focused on a different kind of campaign: the Halo 4 campaign. And since we all know how much I love to post nerdy accessories, I thought today I’d pay homage to the ever-amazing Halo franchise with these fabulously fierce Halo accessories.

 Master Chief Headband by ComicBands

Nothing can mess up your killing spree faster than having your bangs fall in your face, so keep unruly bangs at bay with this kickass headband featuring our favorite Spartan warrior, Master Chief.

Shotgun Earrings by Roll4Damage

Made from actual Halo figurine accessories, you’ll be sure to blow away any Halo fan you encounter with these ferocious shotgun drop earrings.

 Master Chief Earrings by DonaldJames77

If drop earrings aren’t your thing, you can still show off your Halo love while keeping it simple with these Master Chief helmet studs.

Energy Sword Necklace by LicketyCut

Cut through any fashion faux pas with this energy sword necklace. Its light, colorful design is simple and eye-catching.

Energy Sword Replica by WispyChipmunk

While it’s not really an accessory per se, it is REALLY badass, so I couldn’t resist featuring it. This bad boy looks amazing and weighs in at around 4 lbs., so you’ll have no problem putting the beatdown on someone you love…in like, a nice, friendly competition kind of way.

 Which of these accessories would you rock?