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Hawken Open Beta Starts 12-12-12!


On December 12th, the free-to-play PC game Hawken will begin its open beta. Strap in to an enormous walking tank and shoot up other enormous tanks!

I am a Mechwarrior guy. Scratch that — I am a Battletech guy. So my ears are, at all times, sensitively tuned in to any news about ‘Mech battling to be had. I thought Chromehounds was a sorely underrated and misunderstood game that just needed some good DLC to round out its rough edges.

So you can understand why I am acutely excited for Hawken. At E3, Hawken got a lot of praise for its gameplay, some of which  is shown here:

They’ve also been really big on building up the world and the clan warfare that is sure to occur. They’ve teamed up with Machinima to produce a web series set in the world of Illal.

This is the first outing for Adhesive Games, and one that could certainly make-or-break the company. With Mechwarrior Online in the middle of its beta — and having some issues over stability and accusations of being pay-to-win and/or financially strapped — Hawken might be able to step in with a completely new world, an IP that isn’t tied down to literally decades of people playing and imprinting their beliefs onto it, and a whole lot of critical love before they’ve even released.

As I’ve said, Open Beta starts on December 12th, but signups are ongoing. Check out what they’ve got thus far and get in on the open beta here.

Question: Are you going to get down on some Hawken? What other indie games have you found yourself as excited for as a major studio outing?