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Help Make Story Time W/ SourceFed!

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If you’ve been around for awhile, you might remember Story Time with SourceFed, a show on our Snapchat, @sourcefedsnaps. We’d give each host three snaps to tell part of a story, after which they’d pass it to the next host who’d have to continue the story based off the other snaps. Here’s an old example:

We had so much fun that we want to do them again, but we want YOUR help. In the comments below, leave a one line story idea to base our next Story Time off of! It could be something as simple as “Samantha went to the vet to pick up her dog, but they gave her a snail instead.”

I know. Not a good line, right? That’s why I’m asking you guys to do it. Because I can’t. And I don’t want to get fired, you know? I like my job. So whaddya say, help me out? Leave your best ideas below, and make sure to check out SourceFedSnaps!