A new headlining cosplayer that gained the attention of many convention-goers this past year was a Miss. Yaya Han.

Yaya has portrayed a multitude of roles such as Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Chun Li and Jessica Rabbit. She has made appearances at Comic Con, Dragon Con and many other conventions. She has designed many of her own costumes, and takes pride in her work. Most recently she designed a Jessica Rabbit costume that was both very impressive and sexy.

We here at SourceFed put together a little slideshow of Miss. Han for you all and linked to a video of Yaya showing off her amazing costumes. Hope you enjoy!


If there are problems viewing the gallery, click here!


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  • Dani Rosenberg

    Her Jessica Rabbit is pretty good.

  • Alyssa Terry

    Her unicorn made me lol

  • Seamus Radu

    The Jessica Rabbit cosplay really gets my gears turning..

  • wilson

    Her tits are huge.

  • Justin Brown

    That is a whole lot of woman.

  • S10TH the robot

    bookmarked page! be back later… :}

  • Peter

    I think this needs to be categorized under sexy, and not politics. Not that I wouldn’t mind politics being like this, but I’m sure if people wanted to look at all the sexy stories, they might appreciate this being there.

  • Betsy Helm

    Yaya is an absolute goddess!! She is so freaking sweet, her cosplays are flawless, and she is seriously fucking hot.

  • Stephan Klose

    she really is the hottest person on the planet

  • rocklesson86

    She is pretty, but her boobs have to be fake.

  • iaDF!

    tigole bitties

  • Truth

    Her friend in the video is better, giant fake tits are making her look prettier then she actually is….cool costumes though

    • Corbin Doak

      That is just an opinion. Just looking at the two of their faces I find her more beautiful that the other girl. But then again I’m married to an Asian and you know how the saying goes. “Once you go Asian you never go Caucasian.”

  • paldin

    Wow, wow, wow…

  • Amanda Tetrick

    Girl is Sexy….. Gorgeous Titties!

  • Jerry Nieland

    I am sold on her version of Catwoman.

  • mj

    16 and 40 can’t be beat too beautiful and movie material

  • Matt Horton

    Holy Jessica Rabbit cosplay! Childhood fantasy achieved!

  • mistah J

    meeh, am i the only one whos not into big fake boobs

  • Eddie J. Bracco

    Asian girl + huge tits = “Will you marry me?” :D

  • Vertebreaker

    Don’t like those fucking fake tits.