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Human Condom Testers?!


Ads are going up in China and Australia seeking ‘Human Condom Testers’.

An online classified ad has appeared in Shanghai offering women as much as $588 per day to “test condoms” during sexual intercourse. The ad was removed from the Chinese equivalent of Craigslist after people began speculating that it may have been a recruiting ad for prostitutes.

On the other hand, it appears that Durex Australia is actually looking for human testers for their condoms. The company claims that the position is the world’s best job, a “sexecutive position.”

Very pun-ny, Durex.

Applications are currently being accepted for the position, however it appears to be more of a contest than a permanent position with the company. Applicants could win up to $1000 cash for participating in the “test”.

Typically, condoms are tested using a machine that checks the products for imperfections and holes. A second test checks batches of condoms for water leaks to make sure they can withstand being filled with large amounts of liquid, and finally an air inflation test is done to test burst strength and elasticity. If a condom fails any of these tests, the entire batch is thrown out.


Would you be a human condom tester? Let us know why or why not in the comments below!