Instagram and Twitter Cut Ties … Sort Of



The whole point of social networks is to connect people around the world, but recently some sites have been restricting connections between other networking websites.

For example, it was recently announced that Instagram has cut its ties with Twitter, stating that they want Instagram to be the website to view and share their photos, not Twitter.

As of now, if you were to post an Instagram photo to Twitter on an iOS device, the image is oddly cropped. For Android devices, only a link to the photo appears, much like Yfrog and Twitpic.

Instagram and Twitter have been having problems since Facebook bought out Instagram and users were no longer allowed to connect their Twitter and Instagram followers.

Instagram CEO has come forward saying that the two sites are planning on working together in the future, but their are a few bugs to be worked out with the new Twitter Cards.

Twitter’s CEO Michael Sippey released a 439-letter explaining how the company is planning on making the website cleaner, sleeker and more consistent with the introduction of Twitter Cards. Cards is a new way of featuring multimedia links, and they have been testing this feature for sometime now, but it will become a standard feature from now on.

This feature does pose some issues with third-party apps, such as TweetBot, that are not designed to work with the new design, but Twitte discussed desgining the site to be compatible for all users.

Hopefully in the future these sites can figure out some kind of arrangement, but for now I guess we have to deal with the inconvenient links.


How many of you guys have been annoyed with the new changes with links or is it not a big deal to you all?