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Instagram Goes HTML


Instagram now has profile pages viewable via any web client.

Until recently, Instagram profiles were only viewable from the app or a third party client. Now, you’ll be able to access the accounts via any web browser making all your stalking dreams come true.

Instagram used to allow users access to photos on a one off basis as long as they had a direct link to it, and only just allowed users to like and comment on pictures from a browser. The popular app has decided to expand fully into a functional website that eerily mirrors it’s new owner: Facebook.

Like the popular social networking site, the profiles have a small square thumbnail in the bottom left corner with a banner image at the top that pulls photos from your account. The design below has thumbnails laid out in a clean grid and organized by date. If you click one of the images, you’re redirected to one of the individual photo pages that we’re already familiar with.

The pages aren’t live to the public just yet, but will probably be rolled out in the next few days or so to the delight of instagram-ers everywhere.


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