Is ‘One Pound Fish’ the New Gangnam Style?


Gangnam Style took the world by storm, breaking the 1 billion view barrier, but could a fishmonger from Pakistan usurp Psy’s Internet reign?

The man’s name is Muhammad Shahid Nazir, a fishmonger in London, England. A little over a year ago,  31-year-old Shahid moved from Pakistan to London to provide a better life for his wife and four children who still live in Pakistan.

Shahid got a job as a fishmonger and was instructed to shout at the customers to get there attention. As soon as he began shouting, it turned to singing and soon it became the theme song for his fish stand.

People started coming from all over the world just to meet Shahid and get and get an autograph or just have him sing for them. They were always telling him to try out for Britain’s Got Talent or X Factor, but he took it one step further.

He was offered a record deal with Warner Music, and they helped him create a single and a music video, which gained over 1 million views in less than 24 hours.

The video is currently at more than 8 million views and growing and is currently number 29 on the UK Pop Charts. There have been talks of Timbaland and Shahid releasing a collaborative music project.

Our friends atWhat’s Trending? were able to get an exclusive interview with Shahid, and it is quite inspiring hearing a story such as Shahid’s.

There were rumors that Shahid was deported back to Pakistan due to an expired work visa. Nazir responded, stating the rumors were false and he just wanted to visit his family for New Years and file for a visa for France for the French release of his single.


What do you guys think of ‘One Pound Fish’? Do you think it will be more popular than Gangnam Style?

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  1. I don’t know what has been happening to music lately………… BUT I LOVE IT.

  2. God No… please forgive me ears

  3. Guest says:

    This guy got deported.

    1. Gabi says:

      If you read the article you would know he wasn’t actually deported.

        1. because everything someone says online is true, right? online “news” is notorious for not fact checking.

  4. Bary Gusey says:

    Hope not…That was horrible.

  5. This is the stupidest shit.

  6. Whacked Cat says:

    I could see this being the hot new song and dance… among preschoolers. Kinda like what happened with the Macarena.

  7. This sucks. I hate the music industry now.

  8. Andy Cameron says:

    This is fracking amazing! Love it!

  9. Philip Tholand says:

    Probably not; because you can understand more than one line without finding a translator/lyric translation.

  10. I resent the mayans, zombies, a gian asteroid, aliens and any other world ending scenario for not taking my life before having the chance to hear/see this… there’s no hope left for humanity.

  11. Jennytoela says:

    No, Gangnam Style was a video that was mocking the excessives of the rich in Korea, about getting people to not act so serious, and was well made with a catchy beat. This is a low budget music video which is more into demonstrating hot girls with no meaning behind the lyrics or video other then being about cheep fish. Gangnam style was easy for news outlets to exploit, this is slightly harder. It is no Gangnam Style, but it is semi entertaining.

  12. Shauna Carli says:

    If you know the translated lyrics of Gangnam Style it is actually a very smart song sarcastically portraying PSY whereas this is a song that just doenst make any sense. It irritates me that because of Gangnam style PSY is not seen as a respectable artist and everybody thinks they can ride on this hype. Sorry for the rant but stuff like this really pisses me of

  13. Not likely going to happen. It’s nowhere near as catchy, doesn’t have a “memorable dance” that people can flash mob into, and it’s really just… meh..

  14. Mushu says:

    I’ve loved this song for a while, glad you decided to write about it :D

  15. Gigha Rebic says:

    Definitely not. Songs like this are everywhere. Especially from the Brown people community. Gangnam Style actually had lyrics that changed.
    Just found the live version. ._.

  16. AgustinG3 says:

    2 minutes and 36 seconds of my life wasted…

    1. Conner_36 says:

      ha! only made it 49 seconds in before I had to press pause :)

      1. disqus_HrDD1cGGGE says:

        44 ;)

  17. Rashad Foux says:

    Ummm . . . that was bad. And that’s with belly dancers =_=

  18. I can count you don’t need to throw those fingers at me.

  19. I’d suggest not stealing Yahoo News headlines. It was stupid enough when they wrote it.

    1. Kyle Scheper says:

      So anything Yahoo News reports on SourceFed can’t?
      Good logic.

    2. id suggest not immediately assuming things you see from sourcefed are copied from elsewhere. not everybody hates their life enough to go to yahoo news.

  20. well its offical if your foreign and can sing and have a comical music video you too cna become a internet sensation and annoy the fuck out of people

  21. It was catchy, but no where near the level of Gangnam Style.

  22. Jeffrey Montague says:

    I hope he gets his whole family over to London! The extra money should help!

  23. Dennis Rubio says:

    People need to calm down, its about this man who sold fish for a living, now hes made something out of it and really made it into the world. With the money he makes out of this song can provide his family and children in Pakistan for a better life. See it as inspiration rather than “oh the lyrics arent good..blah blah. etc.”

    Still better than Rebecca Blacks “Friday”

  24. Is he saying the fish is 1 lb, or 1 quid?

  25. That was terrible, what the hell did i just watch?! I was waiting for it to get good, change words a little maybe, or for the auto tune to turn off. But no, it got worse. If this starts trending, all hope has been lost in music. This was not even partially entertaining, it actually gave me a headache thinking people will like this.

  26. Zane Perkins says:

    To be fair this song was something he sang to sell fish so there isn’t really supposed to be a deep message.

  27. Inky says:

    I think it was a mistake using his fish song and turning it into a music video, honestly. In the setting where it’s supposed to be, it’s really awesome and unique and surprising. With a pretty music video it’s just another dumb novelty pop dance song and bound to be a flash in a pan. He’s a great singer, so I hope he gets to sing something that isn’t a silly novelty song.

  28. You never know…? I thought it was terrible, but my curiosity got the better of me and I added a view to their video. Sourcefed is pretty big. If someone says it’s a cool video or a terrible video, they’ll show their friends and laugh either way. Also, when there are tags for Gangnam Style AND One Pound Fish together people are going to get excited and want to check it out.

  29. Ben LoSasso says:

    boooooo this sucks