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Is texting ruining the English language?


Is texting ruining the English language?

The list of texting acronyms added to the Oxford English Dictionary has been steadily growing with each passing year–beginning with the induction of the shorthand “OMG”, “LOL, “IMHO”, “FYI”, “TMI”, and “BFF” in 2011–and has led to a ‘battle’ of sorts between texting enthusiasts whose everyday conversations are full of these abbreviations, language purists who fear change, and every type of person in between.

So how is it that an acronym as seemingly base and superficial as “LOL” gets added to such an important book as the dictionary?

According to Christopher Wielgos, English professor at Lewis University:

“New words are added to the dictionary every year. What determines what words are added is their usage. The word needs to have been recorded being used multiple times over an extended period of time…once words are added to the Oxford English Dictionary, they are not taken out so they need to make sure the word is here to stay and isn’t just a fad,”

Not convinced that these acronyms are important enough to be considered official English words?

You may be surprised to find out that “the first confirmed use of the word [OMG] was in a letter dating back to 1917”…by WINSTON CHURCHILL.

Maybe he was on to something…


How do you feel about these acronyms being recognized by the official dictionary of the English language, Nation?