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Israel Globally Viewed Negatively


According to a BBC survey on public opinion, Israel is viewed a negatively as Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea.

The results of the annual Country Ratings poll were published Wednesday night, where 50% of the respondents viewed the country negatively. 24,090 people world wide were polled and asked respondents whether the influence of the 22 countries listed were mostly positive or mostly negative.

Israel’s evaluations were unfavorable in 2011, and have worsened this year. Out of the 22 countries listed, the majority in 17 of them view Israel negatively. Only in the U.S., Nigeria, and Kenya were views of the Jewish state positive. The largest deterioration of opinion have been in Middle Eastern countries where the worst comes from Egypt, where 85% of the population polled viewed the neighboring country negatively.

It is being cited that the country’s foreign policy as a major factor in the perception of Israel. On the other hand others who view Israel positively cite culture and Jewish traditions.

What is your opinion on Israel nation?