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James Franco Tried To Pick Up A 17-Year-Old Fan On Instagram!


Oh, James Franco.

He might have just reached creepy older dude status with this one. Apparently he – or someone very convincingly pretending to be him – tried to arrange a hotel hookup with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram.

The girl, a Scottish tourist named Lucy, says she was on a trip to New York City as an early birthday present, and met Franco at his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men.

After the show, during him frantically signing autographs on his exit with fans in a frenzy, she took an Instagram video with him, and he told her, “You gotta tag me.” And so she did, and this scandalous love story began.


From there the 35-year-old Franco began an Instagram flirtation, that lead to the following conversations.

Franco 1

Franco 2

Franco 3

Franco 4

Franco 5

Despite his pleads (read: one text) of keeping it to just the two of them, Lucy posted the whole thing to Imgur. So now we know exactly what James Franco’s text game looks like. AND IT’S AMAZING…LY BAD. AMAZINGLY BAD.

Now hang on just one second here… technically, 17 years old is legal age in New York (and many other places) so it isn’t THAT big of deal on the legality front. This just brings up the uncomfortable conversation of using your fame as an influence over fans and being the ‘mature’ one in the situation… I mean, there is a significant age difference between a 35 year old American male and a 17 year old Scottish tourist.

That being said, James Franco’s flirting/texting game is… interesting. If this is real, which (like with any ‘scandal’) there are already reports that it is fake, or perhaps even staged, I feel like he needs to step it up. I get it, you’re famous and beloved by most (including me… and I’m 23 so, HOLLA) but, have some pride man!

He took to Twitter to say the following (and since then the Instagram post he linked to the tweet has been deleted… sad face.)


It’s possible the messages in these screenshots have been faked, but Lucy did ask Franco to send photo proof of his identity… which he obliged, TWICE. Towards the end, I mean… it kinda just seemed like she was trying to trap him. He seemed cordial enough, maybe he just wanted some company, alone… in a hotel room, after his hit Broadway show.

Again I reiterate… Oh, James Franco.

James Franco Winking