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Janitor Killed Was Serial Bank Robber


I know that bank robbers tend to have double lives, in the sense that they have their “front” job, and then they have, y’know, the “bank robbery” job. But I’m just having a hard time seeing why the hell you would pick janitor as your “front.” There are so many better jobs.


The man’s name was Michael J. Webb. Apparently he’s been robbing banks since the 1980s, going so far as to acquire media attention. The news called him the “Bandanna Bandit,” because he’d tend to wear a baseball cap and a bandanna as his “uniform,” I suppose.

For over twenty years, he supplemented his income as a janitor with robbing banks. In South Florida, he became known as the “counter jumper,” which I think is a cooler name than “Bandanna Bandit.”

He worked at a Florida gym, initially as a janitor, but had just recently been promoted to facilities supervisor, i.e., the head janitor. Mike Smith, a co-worker at LA Fitness who apparently lived with Webb, said, “To say we’re shocked by this is an understatement.”

Living with a dude who was secretly a bank robber? I’m… I mean, you know what he does, you know what he makes. How does he explain the cash he got from robbing banks? Before he was killed in the midst of a police pursuit he had robbed six banks in six months pulling over $100,000. That’s not exactly chump change.

That’s not, y’know, “I won on a scratcher ticket” money. That’s “I robbed a bank” money.

The last bank he robbed was only four miles from his home — and he’d robbed it twice before. What, did he just think “whelp, I’m going to the ATM” and just rob the place every now and again? A Broward County Sheriff rear-ended his truck, and when Webb came out of the truck with a gun, sheriff’s deputies opened fire and lit him up. He was DOA to the hospital. 

Question: Have you encountered someone who had a surprising double-life?