Jerk Scientists Put Windows In Mice


In what I’m classifying “a dick move,” scientists are putting windows into mice. I mean, yeah, it’s for cancer research. But mice be like, “dude, a window doesn’t go there.” (It’s actually helping.)

So, scientists at the Hubrecht Institute are trying to see how cancer cells metastasize — i.e., when they stop moving around and get to a point to grow new tumors. It used to be, that if you wanted to see it go on, you’d have to cut the sucker open and look through a skin flap.

Hmm. Gross.

Instead, these guys are just going to put a damn window in there, a glass pane surrounded by bio-compatible titanium rings, and are just going to look at it that way.

(CUE: “A window into cancer” metaphors. Oh, they already did that? Okay.)

Originally, the skin flap method was considered non-invasive, but they would have to do it more frequently. This method is more invasive — it’d almost have to be — but it’s one-and-done. It also reduces the risk of infection not having to do it more often, which reduces complications in acquiring data.

It can also allow scientists to see not only what the cancer’s doing, but also what drug treatments are doing. If certain treatments aren’t working as well as hoped, then perhaps they can look through the dang window and figure out why.

It’s an interesting and kinda brutal way to figure out what’s going on with cancer. And really, screw cancer. Cancer’s gotta go. 

One interesting tidbit is figuring out just how important the initial cancer tumor is. If some of their suspicions are correct, they might be able to deal a big blow to tumors by taking out the initial invading force, even as secondary cells arrive.

Question: How pissed are those mice, man? First they get cancer, now someone puts a frickin’ window in ‘em.