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Joe Biden To Guest Star On Parks And Rec


Months ago, Vice President Joe Biden filmed a guest-star role on Parks and Recreation. Somewhere, Karl Rove is slamming his hand on his desk yelling about the damned arrogance of the man. But it’s Joe Biden. What the hell else is he doing?

In the episode, Congressional campaign manager Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott) takes his lady, our heroine and Pawnee councilwoman Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler, who is single now, you guys), to the White House. And in there, they run into none other than the Vice President. I don’t know what the scene is — the episode drops November 15th — but I’ve got to write more on this article and I’m just going to write the scene. Here we go. This is the best I can do with the blog software.


Ben leads Leslie into the conference room. TWO STAFFERS are cleaning up a pile of papers that were dropped or thrown on the floor.

BEN: And you know what room —

LESLIE (excited): It’s the Roosevelt Room, named for both Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt! I’m sorry, you were taking too long.

BEN (re: staffers)What happened here?

STAFFER ONE: Celtic happened.

LESLIE: Celtic?

STAFFER TWO: You’ll see.

A BELLOW from down the hall. Ben and Leslie LOCK EYES as VICE PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN enters the room.

 JOE BIDEN: Someone get Harry on the line! I gotta say some things.

STAFFER ONE: Senator Reid is on the Hill right now —

JOE BIDEN: Well, get him off the Hill! Send a Secret Service agent to go kidnap him and get him down here!

STAFFER TWO: Mr. Vice President, we can’t use the —

JOE BIDEN: Why not?!

Ben breaks his freeze and offers his hand to Biden —

BEN: Mr. Vice President, I’m —

JOE BIDEN: Talking to me! Where’s Barry?

STAFFER ONE: The President is in London —

JOE BIDEN: So I’m in charge? That’s how that works, right?

STAFFER TWO: Sir, have you read the Constitution?

JOE BIDEN (to Staffer One): You, kill him.


Joe SIGHS, looks to Leslie —

JOE BIDEN: What about you? You look scrappy.

LESLIE (without hesitation): Yes, sir —

Leslie pulls out her NAIL FILE and steps toward the staffer — Ben stops her —

JOE BIDEN (sighs): This isn’t fun anymore. I’m going to bed.

Biden walks out. Leslie is still staring INTENTLY at the staffer.

BEN: Leslie, you’re not going to kill —

LESLIE (way intense): I serve at the pleasure of the Vice President.




Leave me alone, it’s a slow day.

Question: I should totally give up my TV writing aspirations. Y/N?