John McAfee Claims Innocence In Murder


John McAfee

Anti-virus company founder John McAfee is wanted for murder in Belize after his neighbor was found with a 9mm bullet in the back of his head. He’s on the run, now, having evaded the Belizean’s Gang Suppression Unit that had been looking for him in connection to the murder.

McAfee retired to the Central American country after he made a pile of money on his McAfee anti-virus software. People had been noticing more erratic behavior from him. His neighbor, Gregory Faull, had filed a complaint against the mayor that he was exhibiting “rougish behavior” and firing off guns.

And then Faull was found dead in his home. When the Belizean authorities came for McAfee, he buried himself in the sand, putting a cardboard box over his head so he could breathe. Yup.

And how are we learning this? Because after McAfee went on the run, he’s been making calls to Wired of all outlets, who has the exclusive. McAfee is completely convinced that the Belizean authorities murdered Faull, and believes that they are either trying to frame him, or they intended to kill him and had to cover up that they got the wrong guy.

Authorities are insistent that McAfee killed Faull because McAfee’s dogs were poisoned on Friday, and they believe McAfee blamed his neighbor. When asked about that, the programmer waved that off: “This is not something he would ever do. I mean, he’s an angry sort of guy but he would never hurt a dog.” Faull himself had been arrested for aggravated assault when he was living in Florida.

McAfee blames the poisoning of the dogs on the Belizean authorities. In an e-mail to Wired’s Joshua Davis the night of the poisoning, before the murder, he wrote:

The coast guard dropped off a contingent of black-suited thugs at 10:30 tonight at the dock next door. They dispersed on the beach. A half hour later all of my dogs had been poisoned. Mellow, Lucky, Dipsy, and Guerrero have already died.

The GSU had attempted to hit McAfee up on charges of possessing unlicensed weapons and manufacturing methamphetamine, but those charges were dropped. McAfee believes they just want him gone and have been attempting every dirty trick in the book.

Question: Do you think McAfee is innocent?