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Justin Bieber Abuses Hamsters



Justin Bieber is in hot water with an animal rights group for giving his pet hamster, PAC, to a superfan after one of his shows.

The California Hamster Association (yep, it’s a real thing), or CHA stated that:

“The moment that hamster was handed off to a screaming girl in a harsh, frenzied environment was likely the moment it gazed at the short path to its doom.”

TMZ reporters caught up with a member of The CHA to see there side of the situation. The CHA pointed out how fragile the hamster species is and are easily startled. Rapid change in a hamster’s environment can lead to illness or even death!

By giving away a pet so carelessly, even if it was done with good intentions, was extremely dangerous for the small critter.

TMZ got the exclusive coverage of the hamster exchange after a concert in Atlanta, Georgia.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzPvy02W3Yc?rel=0]

According to TMZ, PAC is alive and well with Tori, the 18-year-old superfan, who vowed to treat the rodent like a god!

Click here if want to join the CHA and help them fight the injustice and take down the evil hamster-killer known as Justin Bieber!


How many of you want a Justin Bieber hamster?


  1. how he ever thought this was a good idea, i don’t know – you can literally scare them to death so putting it into a crowd of crazed girls who would do anything to get a piece of him?

    it’s is akin to when sports stars throw their shirts into the crowd and they’re not exactly polite contest for the thing are they?

  2. its an animal, get over it. Seriously I cannot take animal rights groups seriously. They’re fucking animals NOT people, they shouldn’t have rights. They’re meat bags with little to no intelligence.

    1. Are you fucking kidding me???? It is an animal not a thing, of course it needs rights and you be protected, but i do agree this is blown out of proportion.

    2. Have to disagree with you whole-heartedly here. While I agree that an animal should not have ‘rights’ in a legal sense they are still living creatures and don’t deserve to be needlessly harmed. As much as I loath that a manufactured idol like Justin Bieber can become so famous in our society I don’t believe he handed his hamster off with ill intentions toward the creature so in this particular case the CHA needs to calm down. The issue on the whole though is serious. Animals absolutely deserve to be protected from irresponsible/dangerous people and are drastically more than “meat bags with little to no intelligence.” We kill animals for food sure but to imply that it isn’t a serious issue shows little to no intelligence.

      1. Its a creature, they die and nothing will ever know that it died. They don’t need protection because it doesn’t mater for them, they’re animals, they will still reproduce and continue their spice. The time animals need protection is when we’re over hunting them or poisoning the environment causing bio diversity to decrease.

        1. If we’re not gonna care about protecting them from X why would we start protecting them from “over hunting and poisoning the environment”.
          Apathy begets all this shit.

        2. They have a brain and a nervous system which means they can think and feel pain. Just because they don’t have the cognitive reasoning to understand why they’re suffering doesn’t mean they are beneath our protection. Compassion is the greatest human virtue. There were disabled students at my school (a couple so severely they didn’t have the mental capacity of a dog). Should we just throw them in a corner and ignore them? No living creature deserves to be treated like that and to say it doesn’t matter is just plain ignorance. Animals know when they’re being hurt and they don’t like it. To say it doesn’t matter for them is just preposterous.

    3. Human beings are animals, they shouldn’t have rights either eh?

      Unfortunately if a hamster is put in a loud environment it can die of shock quite quickly. Though it is just a hamster, a small rodent, it was still the wrong thing to do.

    4. Well don’t you sound like a douche, meatbag.

      Funny… I only ever hear people with “little to no intelligence” be so boisterous about their own callousness.

      Blowing a hampster situation, like this, out of proportion is… just that…
      But good Lord do you sound like a piece of shit.

    5. Ok. No, animals don’t need to have the “right” to vote. But if I see you kicking a dog don’t think I wont do something about it. I think you (Brandon Hope) are sick and twisted and I hope that you never own an animal.

      “…meat bags with little to no intelligence”… Dogs are incredibly intelligent. As are cats, dolphins and many other animals (probably including rodents). Screw you. Your argument is so horrendously wrong and indecent that I can’t even come up with a reasonable counter-argument without calling you every name in the book. Jerk.

  3. I’m a big Source Fed fan and I hate to be ‘that guy’ but maybe some closer editing should be done if this is to be a great news site. It should be “to see their side of the situation” instead of ‘there’ as is in the article.

      1. Your point? In class we are taught how to write things with no errors, and to make it look as professional as possible — especially with powerpoint reports or debates. Why shouldn’t this news site be any different? If people see typos in the article they might not find it reliable because it doesn’t look professional. Now I’m not saying the site does not have reporters that are good at doing what they do, I’m just saying that grammar suggestions like these are good for the site’s legitimacy.

          1. Did I say that? You’re slightly overreacting to my post. Read it again with some logical sense, then come back to me. All I’m saying is that errors continue to come up in future articles (however minor they be), people who found this site for the first time might not think enough care had come into the writing of the article, therefore not reliable.
            Now, don’t pin me as hating SourceFed. I freakin’ love them. Watched every single video since the channel was released in January. Honestly I didn’t catch the error, but like I said, a newcomer might not find this reliable because they see that the writers didn’t retread to proof for errors. You won’t believe how picky people are.

  4. Dear Animal Rights Groups, this is why people find it so hard to respect you. You’re attacking a douchey kid for giving somebody a hamster, by this logic pet shops should not be allowed to sell Hamsters as buying a Hamster would also mean a sudden change in environment. Idiots.

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