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Kate Middleton’s Pregnant! (And Still Hot)


Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and all-around royal hottie, is totally preggers now. Good job, Wills! So in honor of that, I’m pulling up a bunch of photos of Kate looking hotter than anyone on Maxim. And possibly just some hot British women. I’m going to play this by ear.

After the Duchess was admitted to a London hospital for morning sickness, the royals pretty much went all, “yeah, you got us,” and announced the pregnancy.

The royal palace had this to say about it:

The queen, the duke of Edinburgh, the prince of Wales, the duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news.

All right, you’re happy, I’m happy, everybody’s frickin’ happy. Here are some pictures of Kate.

Kate don’t need a bikini to look hot. That is a woman.

Seriously, I dare you, Nation, to come back with a Nation Is Sexy post where you’re as clothed as the Duchess here and can still be that ridiculously hot.

Yup, that’s a woman. This is the one “sexy” gallery that I will happily create forever. So yeah, congrats Kate Middleton, and good job Prince William for getting in there and locking that down.