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Kim Dotcom Announces Megaupload Successor


So, walking creepy baby-looking dude Kim Dotcom, despite fighting prosecution from ‘Merica for his file sharing site Megaupload, has announced a new file sharing destination that he believes will protect him from further legal entanglements.

The site is unimaginatively called “Mega.” It’s supposed to go live January 2013, right before his extradition hearing in New Zealand brought on by the United States.

No US-hosted companies will be involved in Mega, in an attempt to avoid prosecution from American authorities.

Another interesting tidbit is the user experience. Because uploads will be encrypted even to Mega operators, it will be impossible for Mega to know what it is that the user is uploading. Users will be directly responsible for what they upload and, more importantly, who gets to see it.

In Dotcom’s eyes, that means Mega will put the responsibility of its content, and its legality, in the hands of uploaders, keeping Mega isolated from prosecution.

A statement on the Mega website proclaimed that “You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not us.”

In January 2012, Dotcom’s mansion was raided by New Zealand police, who sent helicopters in to seize computers and evidence at the request of ‘Merica. US authorities claim that Dotcom acquired his $175 million through Megaupload’s allowing copyrighted material to be uploaded and shared without oversight.

The announcement had to be delayed an hour due to its splash page being overloaded by traffic. Dotcom claims it’s the FBI, which is a totally healthy thing to automatically say. “FBI agents pressing reload. We see their IP addresses,” he Tweeted.

Question: Is this really going to keep him from prosecution?