Kyra Santoro: Instagram Hottie of the Day


It is that time, again! Time to pick a new Instagram Hottie of the Day, and we choose Ms. Kyra Santoro!

Kyra is a model currently located in Los Angeles. Based on the photos, I can speculate that she loves bikinis, music, iPhones and bikinis. I know I said bikinis twice … but hey … did you SEE her in that bikini?!

Go show her some love on the Instagrams! She deserves it!

We put together a quick gallery for ya’ll down below of Kyra, and even through a video with ya because you are looking good today!


[justified_image_grid ids=”27773,27774,27775,27776,27777,27778,27779,27780,27781,27782,27783,27784,27785,27788,27789,27790,27791,27792,27793,27794″]