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Let’s Talk About Bigfoot


Why not, guys? Bigfoot all of a sudden became a thing this week, as reality TV, university researchers, and a couple of guys with a camera got everyone thinking about the kinda-ape.

Let’s start with the footage.

Provo, Utah Video

Two guys out in Utah saw what they think is Bigfoot. They put video of it on YouTube and of course it goes viral, because of course it will.

Rather than actually getting good footage or, y’know, holding the camera steady, they do the usual of getting a quick view of the thing and then shaking the camera so you can’t get a good look.



So, there you go.


Bagging Bigfoot

An Idaho anthropology professor from Idaho State University is planning on using blimps to capture the sasquatch. He’s hoping to raise a lot of money in order to do it, because people will spend money on stupid things. No word if he’s going to use Kickstarter or IndieGoGo for it, but let’s not be surprised when he does it.

Does he plan on using tranq darts? How does he know it’ll work? Anyway, the scientist’s name is Jeffrey Meldrum, and he’s the author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science. So clearly he’s really only looking for the truth and isn’t trying to make any cash out of it at all.


Spike TV To Offer Bounty For Bigfoot

Because Spike TV never went broke underestimating the American public, they’ve decided to offer a $10 million bounty for whomever manages to prove the existence of or capture Bigfoot.

Well, someone else is offering the bounty — Lloyd’s of London, an international insurance market. But they’re going to put footage of hunters sitting out in the wilderness doing nothing but jumping at shadows on television. And people are going to watch it. Most of them will be drunk at bars, but ratings are ratings, I guess.

I’ve watched enough of MANswers, anyway, so I suppose something new and stupid was bound to show up.


Question: Bigfoot, real or not?